Sgt. Newton Chapter
Covington, Georgia

The Sergeant Newton Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution honors Sergeant John Newton for whom Newton County was named. Sergeant Newton became a hero by recapturing American prisoners of war near Savannah, Georgia, during the American Revolution.

Covington, the County Seat of Newton County, is in the heart of Georgia's historical section. A walk around the Square can take you back to life as it was at the turn of the last century. The Courthouse, built in 1885, located on the north west corner of the Square, is probably one of the most recognizable ones in the country.

In the blocks adjacent to the Square are located homes and churches also built in the Nineteenth Century. The city government and citizens are supportive of the area's historical importance. The Newton County Library has an excellent Genealogical Section. Chapter members have donated valuable books to that section and even work volunteer hours there aiding those seeking information. The Sergeant Newton Chapter has recently reactivated a Children of the American Revolution Group which serves to incorporate the youth into the area's historical activities.

Newton County Courthouse

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You may contact our chapter through Sgt. Newton Chapter Email.

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