Our History

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was founded October 11, 1890, and incorporated by Act of United States Congress in 1896. Sergeant Newton Chapter, organized on February 12, 1895 by Mrs. J. M. Pace, is one of the oldest chapters in the State of Georgia, the eleventh chapter granted a charter. The name was chosen to honor Sergeant John Newton, for whom Newton County was named. Sergeant Newton became a hero by recapturing American prisoners of war near Savannah, Georgia, during the American Revolution.

Membership in the National Society DAR is a unique opportunity to establish one's lineage and heritage as a descendant of a patriot (not necessarily a soldier) of the American Revolution. Persons interested in participating in the historical, educational and patriotic activities of the NSDAR are welcome. A DAR member is first a member of the National Society having proved lineage and being accepted by action of the National Board of Management. However, it is primarily through her Chapter and State organization she contributes her service.

Sergeant Newton Chapter has 28 committees corresponding with those of the National and State Society that are focused upon promotion of education, history and patriotism on the local level. Our value as members rests on our appreciation of the hard work of our forebears and our love of God, Home and Country. The Georgia State Society and National Society recognize Sergeant Newton Chapter annually with awards of merit and excellence. Sergeant Newton Junior Chapter Children of the American Revolution has received National and State Society awards for outstanding service.

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